Learning through Play

Learning and development is supported through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-led activity. Play is essential to children’s development. 
Children have access to a range of continuous quality resources, which allows them to learn through physical and mental challenges.  Resources are not confined to specific areas and children are given time and space to explore them. 


Our planning is very flexible thus allowing children’s individual routines to be followed.  Much of the play is child initiated and adult supported. The practitioners are skilled in supporting children’s learning through appropriate interactions, thus building and extending on children’s ideas. This constitutes purposeful learning. 


At Anna-Ca-Soo we use an Early Years software programme to report, monitor and assess children's learning developments. Parents are given a unique and safe password to use which enables them to see their child's assessments. This means that the parents can always be up to date with the very latest developments in their child's learning. They get to see photos and videos of their child at nursery, examples of their work, and read a full description of the observation. They also get to read about how the learning fits into the Early Years Foundation Stage. The regular sharing of information with parents and the children is an opportunity to celebrate children’s achievements. 

The Nursery follows the, Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021) which sets out the legal requirements the nursery must adhere to.

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