Outdoor Learning

Here at Anna-Ca-Soo Day nursery we know how much children love playing outside. That is why we have put our heart and soul into creating an outdoor environment that has endless possibilities for play, learning and exploration.


We have a large established secure rear garden which the children have access to throughout the day. Free access between the indoors and outdoors enables children to make choices, follow their interests, forge links between their learning and develop ideas over time. The garden provides children with a wide range of non-specific and natural play resources, such as, ropes, drapes, crates, planks, wooden blocks, tyres, boxes, sand, mud, twigs and leaves. 

Our most recent additions from May 2019, are a Pirate ship and a Wigwam, which have been a huge hit with the children.


This link will take you to a fantastic article from Community play things, that explains indepth the value of outdoor play.

It explains how many of the developmental tasks that children must achieve—exploring, risk-taking, fine and gross motor development and the absorption of vast amounts of basic knowledge—can be most effectively learned through outdoor play. 

Our 4 huge chalk boards dotted around the outdoor area, means children have access to mark making even when they are outside.

Here are Preschool, exploring the bug sanctory that they made, making sure it's nice and comfortable for the wildlife.





We have role play areas outside, where they can 'cook dinner,' play shops, construct buildings and towers, and look after their babies. They can even relax with a story book in our cosy outdoor reading area.

We have a variety of equipment to help the children develop their hand, eye coordination, including bats, balls, bean bags and hoops.



Our Patio area is all undercover, perfect whatever the weather.

Our small world trays allow children to explore role play with natural resources.

Harvesting our vegetables from our vegetable garden.

Here are preschool preparing our vegetable garden for planting our seeds.


Here is our Mud kitchen, this is where some scrumptious meals have been prepared by the children. Scrumptious... for the worms! 

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