The Rooms

The Preschool Room / The Blue Room

The Preschool room is made of up 3 different rooms, all open plan. The main room hosts the book corner, the home area, mark making area and the choice boxes that contains a variety of toys for the children to choose from.


The other two rooms in Preschool are where all of the lovely messy play happens, there could be water, sand, foam, paint, cornflakes... and so much more!  

It is also the area that is tidied away when it's time for our lovely, freshly cooked lunches.


Toddler Room / Yellow Room

Children in the Yellow Room are aged between 18 months and 3 years old. The Yellow Room has a mark making area, book corner, home/ imaginary area, construction area and a messy play area. It also has it's own children's toilets and changing area room.



Toddler Room / Red Room

Children in the Red Room are aged between 18 months and 3 years old. The Red Room has all of the same areas as Yellow Room. It too, has it's own children's toilets and changing area.



The Baby Room / Green Room

Babies can start from the age of 3 months and stay in the baby room until they are between 18 months and 2 years old. The baby room has it's own sleep room that contains 2 cots. The babies eat their lunch in their room, either in low chairs or at a table. The room contains lots of toys to stimulate the senses. There is a home/ imaginary area, book area, and cosy areas. 



Baby Room Outdoor Area

The Baby Room has it's very own private outdoor area that is directly outside of their room. This allows for free flow within the Baby Room and their garden, and offers various opportunities that promote their physical development.  

The Multi Purpose Room

Our very own Room Of Requirement! 

This room is used for small group experiences. We have our story sacks, rhyme time, soft play and dancing in here. It is also where the toddler children who need a nap will go for their nap times.



School Ready!

Preschool have their very own Interactive Smart Screen. Here the children can write, draw and paint. They can use apps to play interactive games, they can follow the exercises and dance moves from the clips on the screen, they can watch short educational clips and so much more! 

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