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Anna Caso - Proprietor - NNEB 1982 - Foundation Degree in Early Years  2014


'I wanted to open a nursery where children felt at home, safe and happy. I wanted to make a difference to the lives of children and their families.'


Mother of three - 40 Years experience - 23 years ACS (Anna-Ca-soo)

Louisa - Nursery Manager - B.Ed Honours Degree in Primary Education 2012, Qualified Teacher


'I always admired my teachers growing up, and I wanted to follow in their footsteps, supporting the next generation.'


Mother of one - 12 Years experience - 7 year ACS

Rosie - Business Manager - CACHE Level 3 - 2010


'Working with children is the best job and I love it more and more every day.' 


Mother of one - 13 Years experience - 13 Years ACS

Kirsty - Deputy Manager - Student Co-ordinator - NNEB 1991 - Foundation Degree in Early Years 2014


'As a child, no one understood what I went through when my parents split up. I went into child care to make sure that other children had someone that understood, and that could support their emotional needs.'


Mother of two - 33 Years experience - 21 Years ACS


Corinne - Lead Practitioner - Blue Room Practitioner - EDI Level 3 Diploma CYPW - 2013


'Working with children is so rewarding, I love watching them learn and grow each day.'


12 Years experience - 6 Year ACS

Lisa - Blue Room Practitioner - CACHE Level 3 NNEB 1987


'I have always wanted to work with children. I enjoy watching them grow in confidence as they learn new skills.'


Mother of two - 26 Years experience - 2 Year ACS


Leanne - Blue Room Practitioner - BTEC National Diploma - 2003


'Whilst gaining my qualification it became increasingly apparent how important the first 5 years of a child's life are. All of the milestones, laughter, tantrums and learning is unique to every child. I love that I get to be a part of this journey with the children and their families.'


Mother of two - 20 Years experience - 20 Years ACS


Oliver - Blue Room Practitioner - NCFE Level 3 Diploma 2019


'I've always wanted to work with children, I get to use my hobbies and skills to help children grow and develop.'


5 Years experience - 5 Years ACS 

Caitlyn - Blue Room Practitioner - Level 3 Early Years 2023


'From a young age I always knew that I wanted to look after young children, I enjoy watching them grow and seeing their different personalities develop. I am a middle child with 2 brothers both of which are SEN, so throughout my childhood they demanded a lot of attention from a single parent household. I want to make sure that all children have the care and support that they need.'


11 months experience - 11 months ACS 

Kayleigh - Blue Room Practitioner - CACHE Level 3 Diploma 2010


'I enjoy working in childcare because I enjoy watching each and every child build on their interests of play and watching them blossom as they learn and achieve new things when attending nursery.'


13 Years experience - 1 Year ACS  

Navjot - Blue Room Practitioner - Bachelors Degree in Early Years 2024



ACS Newbie

Faye - Outdoor Learning Lead - Green Room Practitioner - NVQ Level 3 


'I am passionate about working with children, supporting their learning and development. I enjoy meeting new children all the time and helping them gain as much knowledge as they can, but also making their time at nursery stimulating and exciting.'


19 Years experience - 13 Years ACS



Sophie - Green Room Practitioner - NVQ Level 3 - 2011


'I enjoy looking after the babies every day, and watching them grow into wonderful, happy toddlers.'


11 Years experience - 8 Years ACS

Sara-Jane - Red Room Practitioner - Level 3 Diploma 2023


“I’m looking forward to helping your children have the best experience at nursery.”



1 year experience - 3 months ACS

Chanice - Red Room Practitioner - Level 3 Diploma 2016


'I love working with children as I enjoy seeing them developing new skills and watching their personalities grow as they learn everyday. I enjoy cooking and baking and love to include this in activities with the children where I can.'


7 Years experience - 2 Year ACS

Emilie - Red Room Practitioner - Level 3 Diploma 2022


'I love watching children grow and learn through different experiences, I am very creative so I love to make different resources for the children to explore such as story sacks or themed sensory bottles.'


2 Years experience - ACS Newbie

Denise - Yellow Room Practitioner - NVQ Level 3 - 2015


'Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to work in a safe environment, for the children to achieve their goals. I feel a great joy in my heart when they do!'


29 Years experience - 15 Years ACS


Tanya - Nursery SENDCO - Yellow Room Practitioner - NVQ Level 3 - 2010


'Since I was 15 years old I've always wanted to care for young children. To play a part in providing the best opportunities for all children to smile and grow in a happy, safe and stimulating environment is the best feeling in the world. My love and enthusiasm continuously grows.'


19 Years experience - 11 Years ACS



Jessica - Yellow Room Practitioner - Level 3 In Early Years - 2013


'My passions are performing musical theatre with Peterborough Operatic and Dramatic Society, being a good role model to all children, and being a part of their learning and education.'


Mother of three - 8 Years experience - 2 Years ACS

Joanne - Peripatetic Practitioner - NNEB 2000


'I have always wanted to work with children, and after so years in my job I'm still passionate and enjoy helping the children achieve their full potential. It's such a rewarding job and wouldn't want to do anything else.'


Mother of two - 23 Years experience - 23 Years ACS


Denise - Peripatetic Practitioner - NVQ Level 3


'Seeing the children's happy faces makes my job the best in the world.'


Mother of two - 24 Years experience - 8 Years ACS

Amanda - Nursery Chef and Relief Practitioner - Play Worker Level 3 - 2004


'For me, working with children is very rewarding as I'm playing a part in their development & education.' 


19 Years experience - 13 Years ACS


Mick - Proprietor and Chef and DIY Saviour - Level 2 Food Safety


'Watching Anna and my daughters live out their passion of childcare, I am a very proud husband and father.'


Father of three - 23 Years ACS

Here at Anna-Ca-Soo, continuous training is extremely important to us. With practices, procedures and advice being updated constantly, we believe it is crucial to always stay up to date and ahead of the game. That is why our staff are given oportunities throughout the year to go on training courses.

All staff receive regular training in the following areas:
Pediatrics First Aid Training (every 3 years)
Safeguarding Children (every 2 years)
PREVENT (every 3 years)
Food Safety (annually)

Infection Control (every 2 years)
Fire Safety and Awareness (annually)


On top of the above mandatory training, staff are encouraged and supported to attend training courses in areas of interest, passion, and where they feel they need extra support.


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